who we are

Risicosfizio precision decal was born in 2015, to overcome the annoying problem of contamination and stickiness of the keys of the stereo of our Alfa Romeo Mito and the window regulators of the same afflicted by the same problem

The carbonlook because it married perfectly with the lively look of this model.

Fast, done by yourself with ease, cheap

The requests of different users have allowed to develop other details dedicated to the Alfa Romeo Mito interior and the development of new precision decals for other car models: Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Alfa Romeo 147, Alfa Romeo GT, Fiat Punto, Jeep Renegade fiat 500 abarth, etc. In some cases we collaborated with the buyers themselves, who gave us valuable information to increase the precision and ease of assembly of our decals.

Precision decal risicosfizio allows you to live your car with newfound serenity, giving a touch tuning to your interior and involving the buyer in the installation increases the satisfaction of the result. They are the second skin of the particular that goes to cover and are totally reversible.

We design every precision decal, seeking maximum simplicity of installation, combined with the greatest possible coverage. We guarantee multiple finishes, so as to satisfy the requests of all enthusiasts for aesthetic taste or because of the presence of parts already wrappati in the past.

we are present in ebay with the profile risicosfizio and in amazon